Even the Snowflakes

[faith references]

*pterodactyl screech*

(ooh, have you heard my theory on pink and fluffy dinosaurs? eh, another story for another time. . .)

Y’ALL, IT SNOWED. Honest to goodness fluffy white flakes of happiness.

(that quickly turned into slush and ice and not-a-fun-time, but that’s beside the point)

It can officially be winter/Christmas-time now. The snow has put me in the warm and fuzzy mood, so now I’m huddled up at my laptop typing dutifully. The background music of coffeeshop Christmas music will have to suffice though, because no way am I braving the snow, ice, and slush to go to a legit shop.

Driving to church today, I was rather stunned by the fluffy white flakes. Suffice to say we don’t get snow a lot, and I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve woken up to fluffy snowfall.

My brother was the epitome of patience as I managed to call out a dozen times during the drive- OHMYWORD THAT LOOKS SO PRETTY, QUICK, GET A PICTURE!

Priorities, folks.

As I was saying, the heavy (okay, not *heavy*, but heavy by my standers, ‘kay?) snowfall got my gears turning. I realised how much snow was actually falling. On top of that- I realised how much snow was melting.

I concluded that at the rate the snow was falling, stacking, and melting, there had to be [insert extremely accurate physics equation explaining the very accurate end result] millions of little snowflakes.

I remembered from my elementary days (we’ve all been there, don’t try to deny it) when in science I was taught that there are no two snowflakes that are exactly the same. Naturally, I thought that was pretty cool. Seeing as how I’d only seen a handful of snow, it never really struck me as that amazing.

Until today.

*glances outside at the melting slush*

. . .

*re-imagines this morning when it was all fluffy*

That’s better.

I mean, think about it. Even if this world was created entirely by chance, and the snow just happens to have trillions of billions of different designs- Wait, what am I saying??

How can this much beauty and precision be chance?

But let me take it a step farther.

The snowflakes are all designed differently, with unique features that will never be seen on another snowflake. Looking outside though, I can tell you that the lifespan of the snowflake post-the-great-fall-from-the-skies is approximately. . . a cup of cocoa (like how long a cup of cocoa lasts. . . you get me).

So if, say perhaps, there is indeed a Creator who has planned out the small detail of the appearance of a snowflake (the details of which a majority of people will never see, and no one will ever see with the naked eye), why are we so worried and stressed about ourselves or our lives? We live WAY more cups of cocoa than a snowflake. We are seen by so many more people, and we (hopefully) affect so many more people than a snowflake.

Earlier this month, my mother challenged (or nicely prompted) me to read a chapter of the gospel of Luke every day. I’ve been doing it with a friend, and the other day when I was going through a tough moment, I ran across a verse that I ended up sending to said friend.

Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

Luke 12:24-25 [ESV]

Yeah, I know. It’s a pretty commonly used verse. But just because something is commonly used, does that mean it should be ignored? Pfft, no. There’s a reason it’s commonly used.

In this passage, He’s talking about birds.

But what about the snowflakes?

If God puts so much energy and time into creating a snowflake. And He decides where it will land and how long it will last.

Why do we have any reason to believe He doesn’t do the same for us?

You, my friend, are so much more valuable than a snowflake.

Remember that 😉


The Three F’s

Okay, I get it. In a season of “What are you grateful for?” the answer of “friends, family, and food” is easy to spew out. Since most things fit under those categories, it’s pretty nice to use when you want people to quit bothering you about it.

Do you actually think about the question though? What does thankfulness really mean to you? Is it just naming things you’re priviledged to have?

I have a theory that the less a person has, the more they have to be grateful for. Why? Because what you lack in material things, you gain in other ways.

Lacking a permanent house? It makes family and home so much more important.

Having an autoimmune disease that doesn’t allow you to eat certain foods? Suddenly all the food you can eat gets a lot more appetizing.

I think if we can turn our thoughts of “I don’t have this. Sadness.” to “Because I don’t have this, it makes me grateful for [whatever it is that I ought to be grateful for]”, we’d be a lot happier on a whole.

Not to say I’m perfect. Goodness knows I’ve done my fair share of complaining (ask anyone. . . I literally complained to my mom this morning about taking vitamins instead of being grateful that I had the means to obtain them in the first place.)

Next time you’re approached with the question of “What are you thankful for?”, whether it’s a person asking or a sign at a store, see if you can’t change the complaint of the day to the gratefulness starter of the day.

And you can start with being grateful that this post is short enough for you to go on about your day with minimal interruption *winks*

All Things Coffee

(yes, it’s late in the day. bear with me, m’kay? honestly- Isn’t this when all the students start guzzling caffeine? don’t look so innocent. . .)


Never would have guessed that was what the post was about, ‘ey?

I’ve been a barista for about 1.5 months, and it’s been a blast. I am by no means an expert (someone actually ordered something today that I’d never heard of. A “red eye”.), but I like to think I’ve been taught a few things.

And now, I shall pass it on to you so that next time you stare at a list of foreign coffee terms at a shop, you might be able to identify something and not order an iced vanilla latte (if you’re a barista, you’ll get the joke.)


“Pull a shot” -> make a shot (or double shot) of espresso

Espresso -> highly caffeinated coffee

And uh, I think that’s all. . . you probably knew those, so let me know if there are any terms you don’t know that Google doesn’t help with.


Okay, if you’re a diehard coffee drinker, you’ll probably turn up your nose on this section, but bear with the rest of us false coffee drinkers, m’kay?

Espresso: Just a straight shot of intense coffee. It’s generally less than two ounces, and I’m not joking when I say it’s intense.

Latte: A shot of espresso with milk to top it off (or more like- a cup of milk with a couple ounces of intense coffee.) Typically, people order this with a couple pumps of flavoured syrups, like the well known pumpkin spice latte. Or the fall-back “iced vanilla latte” that literally everyone orders.

Americano: A shot of espresso + hot water to top it off.

Cappuccino: A shot of espresso with milk that is half foamy and half just hot. A “real” cappuccino is apparently less than 8 ounces, but if you go to some big name coffeeshops I won’t name, you can get it in bigger sizes. It’s basically just a latte at that point.

Cortado: A shot of espresso with a wee bit of milk in it. Essentially a less complicated cappuccino.

Pour Over: It’s like drip coffee, but more technical. It’s easier to get different types of blends, because they’re ground specifically for your cup of coffee. Though at home you would generally do this by hand, most coffeeshops are equipped with helpful machines that pour at just the right speed to produce delectable coffee.

Dirty Chai: Okay, this isn’t technically a coffee. . . but neither is a bunch of those things *points up at the list*. A dirty chai is just a chai latte with a shot of espresso. Yes, I know. That caffeine shows you’re living on edge. . . but so does the fact that you totally procrastinated on studying for that 8am exam tomorrow.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brew?

Honestly, they really do seem to be the same thing.


Iced coffee is typically the house blend- But iced. Whereas cold brew is legit brewed cold (surpriseeeee.)

Some places do it fast, other places do it overnight. It takes a special kind of filter and container that holds the cold brew blend and is filled with water. It’s typically a notch higher/better than iced coffee- Or at least, so I’ve heard.

On a personal note. . .

So, to commemorate National Coffee Day, I did something for my coffee loving friends.

I’m talking legit coffee drinkers. The kind who drink three espresso shots with nothing in them. The kind who drink the cold brew straight.

Yeah. Those people.

(i love them so much)

I told said friends that if there happened to be any extra espress, I would drink it straight. I did this a couple weeks ago and nearly died (if you don’t know, I’m not a huge fan of straight black coffee. . . yes, I know I work at a coffeeshop. Problem?)


There happened to be a shot left.

(half a shot, to be precise, but that’s technically a full shot since a normal shot is a double shot and just- Okay, enough math)


I drank it straight and videoed myself.


I nearly made a dozen faces in the span of two seconds, but then I noticed people off to my left so I cut the video, spun around, dropped the empty espresso shot glass into the sink, and tried not to vocally express my extreme displeasure.

Then I turned around and took the next person’s order. Let’s just say I was extremely grateful for the required mask.

The end. Hopefully you enjoyed this slightly informational post on that thing that has become a staple to millions if not billions of people world wide.

Talk about bandwagon!

My Father

When I was about twelve years old, we moved.

Nothing fancy, just another flat in the same city. What was exciting about this place, though, was the fact that I wouldn’t be sharing a room- For the first time in my life.

Yeah, I was pretty stoked.

I loved my room.

Until my brother got a loft bed in his room. Yeahhh, let’s just say jealousy really is a thing- Especially amongst siblings.

I like to think that I hide my emotions and thoughts well, but uh, apparently I don’t (though honestly- Who can really hide anything from their parents?)

In under a month, my father had built me a loft bed out of an old bunk bed.



My dad’s pretty great.

Not a lot of guys will hold a shaking little girl late at night who’s scared of the bullfrog from a Hermie and Friends episode. Not everyone thinks to grab those extra free business cards at stores to bring home to their kids. Not a lot of guys randomly bring home gifts from Walmart “just because”.

He’s the man who fills up the car, even if I completely forgot to tell him it was on E, and he can only hope it doesn’t run out on the way to the station.

He’s the man who will give me a hug in the car in the middle of the night when I’m crying my eyes out without giving me any of the much-deserved judgement.

He’s the one I know I can rely on if I was two states away with a flat tire (even though he’d probably be internally facepalming that I’d forgotten how to change a flat.)

All this to say- My dad is pretty great.

That’s not to say he’s perfect though, and he’d be ready to admit it (humility- Another good trait.)

He makes mistakes, just like everyone else. He gets angry. He did and does things he regrets.

But he’s working on it. Of course, being mortal, I generally don’t see the changes- I only see the faults.

But if I look at things more objectively, I realise how he’s getting better at things he used to struggle with. And I start to realise that he does certain things because he loves me- No matter how annoyed with those things I might be.

I don’t wanna have to text every thirty minutes while I’m out with my friends. But my parents make me do it because they care about me and want me to be safe.

So I do it.

(with a hopefully good attitude)

My dad is servant hearted- Pretty sure that’s his spiritual gift, but honestly he’s so talented it’s hard to pin down just one.

This means he tends to show his love in service, which is uh not my love language really. And it took me so many years to realise this. I regret that it took me so long, but I’m glad I realise it now.

Sometimes I just sit around and think (shocker, right?)

My dad’s pretty great.

What if there was someone exactly like my dad, but minus any form of human flaw, and plus a lot of supernatural things like knowing everything there is to know ever.

Yeah, that’d be pretty cool.

And fun fact-

He is everyone’s father.

I have a physical father here on earth who’s pretty amazing. But my Father in Heaven is straight up awesome. You should get to know Him sometime.

John 3:16 + Matthew 20:28 + 1 Corinthians 8:5 + Psalm 68:5


And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. 

Genesis 2:2 [ESV]

Believe me- I get it.

In a world that’s going 24/7 no matter where you look, the concept of “rest” seems foreign.

I’m talking serious rest. Not just- Oh let’s plop down on the couch and binge Netflix (which, I actually don’t have, but y’know. it’s the aesthetic that counts.) It’s not even “Okay, everyone leave me alone I’m going to stare blankly at this wall.”

There is no “right way” to rest. It’s subjective.

I live by a college campus where my parents do college ministry. Yeah, it’s pretty epic- I get to use that as an excuse to hang out with all the cool college kids *cue sunglasses*.

I’ve noticed something though. Everyone else on staff or helping serve are literally going twenty-four/seven. Yeah, not exactly 24/7, but close enough. During the first week of school during the freshman outreach events, most of the staff didn’t get home until 2am, and had to be back on campus before 10:00am.


My whole family is extroverted. Most of the people I see around the ministry building are extroverted.

But I. . . heh, yeah no. I am a little introvert who has been THRIVING in quarantine.

So being around extroverts and around people going hard all the time, I’ve not really been taught the practice of rest.

Most people are told to rest on Sunday, right? Well. . . when you’re in a ministry family, Sunday is preeeetttyyyy busy. So, there’s that.


A lot of time, alone time/rest sounds selfish.

And okay, I’ll give you that. Too much alone time = overthinking = self-analysis = depression = yeahnothanks.

However, neglecting yourself isn’t the answer either. ESPECIALLY if you’re constantly pouring into other people.

This past week, I’ve had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with three women I really admire.

One is a college girl who is where I wanna be one day (hey- I can dream, can’t I?)

Another is the wife of a staff member who has a ton of GREAT advice that I’m still trying to fully grasp

And the last was a someone my parents knew from way back when. She has some kids my age, and they’re in the mission field (where I wanna be one day, even if it’s not this specific country)

I admire all of them for different reasons, but they all have a couple things in common.

A solid quiet time, and the ability to rest.

I won’t go into quiet times, because that’s a whole ‘nother post, but there’s something to be said about rest.

One of them mentioned occasionally going to a coffeeshop to get away and just read her Bible and journal. It’s not much, but it’s “enough” to keep her going and thriving.

Another mentioned just being able to sleep in, and hang out with her husband and just relax.

There’s not right way, it’s all subjective. But it is important.

Today, I went to Chick-fil-a (they gave me two extra nuggets, but do we expect anything less?), got a coffee at the coffeeshop I work at, and am currently writing this on the large patio at our ministry building.

I got a chance (after I wrote that English paper I’d been dreading) to chill, eat, read a book, text some friends, and write this scatterbrained post.

For me- That was rest. Just being able to breathe and not think about the million things that are coming next week or even later today (*instantly starts thinking about the million things that are coming*).

I know this was kinda all over the place, but hopefully you got something out of it.

It’s okay to rest.

I mean.

Come on.

If the Creator of the Universe rested, the least you can do is take thirty minutes to journal and regenerate, yeh?

(the end.)

(Keep an eye out for more posts though, because I have started having lotsa thoughts. . . they just have to marinate in my head for a hot minute before I can type them out semi-coherantly. I’m working on coherency. . . it’ll come. . . or so they say.)

Surprise- The Sun Still Rises

You now what’s weird? No matter how miserable I feel or how many tears I cry or how put-off I am with the world- The sun still rises.

The audacity.

Not only that, but y’know that paper that’s always inconveniently due within four hours from now? (yes, we all know it was technically due two weeks from now but then something happened and suddenly it’s due in literally four hours and nothing is on the document) Well, I’ve discovered that no matter how long I stare at the computer, the thing doesn’t write itself!

Honestly, it’s rather rude of it to assume I’m going to do all the work.

Okay, for real though. No matter what my emotions “in the moment” might be, they don’t change my situation. They only change my mindset and approach.

When I come home from work and have way too much physics homework to work on (me? procrastinate until the last few days? pfffffft. . . you know me too well), and the dishwasher is still not unloaded, I have a couple choices.

I can yell at my brother to please come help me.

I can leave it to see if someone else will empty it in the next twenty-four hours.

Or I can do it myself.

Let’s say I decide to do it myself. Well, now I have even more options. I can either do it with the mindset of- Blast it, I have to clean out the dishwasher AGAIN. No one in this family EVER does anything (I’m a melodramatic teenager, what can I say?)




I can think- My father’s been working hard all day going to and fro and helping other people. My mother’s been helping other people, and she went out of her way today to run an errand with me, hang out with my brother, and make me supper early so I wouldn’t starve at work. My brother’s been doing great at school and work, and he deserves a chance to just chill before Lyfe starts back up.

And get the dishwasher emptied.

Because the truth of the matter is- That dishwasher is going to be emptied eventually (or so we hoped), and my mindset isn’t going to change what other people think about it, or what happens to it.

It will only make the job more enjoyable or unenjoyable (that’s a word, isn’t it?)

And here’s the deal: This mindset applies to a LOT of things.

I can think- I HAVE to walk to class in the rain then go home and clean the bathrooms. Or I can think- I GET to walk in this beautiful rain (and hope it doesn’t drench my laptop, heh) then I get to go clean and blare some music and relax that way.

It really is about mindset.

This isn’t to say I’m perfect (literally anyone who knows me will hastily assure you otherwise), and I CERTAINLY don’t always have the right mindset.

I’m just saying that in the moments of epiphanies, I attempt this mindset, and it works out pretty well. Nothing is going to be affected by my emotions (unless I have a really bad attitude, and I’m around other people. Or, y’know, positive attitudes affect other people too. . . try it sometime), therefore I shouldn’t be so self-centred as to think that my annoyance will change anything.

‘Cuz, folks.

That sun’s gonna rise whether we want it to or not. Might as well greet it with a smile, ‘ey?

Non-Fiction: Loving From Home (part 2)

[Key Word: LOVE]

*glances at time stamp*

*glances at the time stamp of part 1* (which you can read here, by the way: https://adawne.home.blog/2020/04/29/non-fiction-loving-from-home/)

*glances at blog*

Well someone is fashionably late. *apologises*

Two (I apologise) weeks ago, I did a post on the love languages, but all you who study love languages probably realised I missed a solid two languages. Don’t worry! I didn’t forget you.

4. Gifts

Here’s a fairly simple love language. . .unless you’re broke, right? Wrong.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive- They don’t even have to be bought! Consider pulling out your first grade crafting skills (preferably coupled with current day experience and knowledge. . .) and putting together a well thought out something for your friend?

A good friend of mine who lives states away from me, has recently begun a new hobby: Spamming my mailbox.

Yes, I’m talking about a physical mail box with physical letters (letters are pieces of paper with words on them that people put in these things called envelops, address, and stamp to send via. . .whatever mail gets sent via). But not just any letters, let me tell you.

So far, she’s sent me:

  • Handwritten poems she copied from her favourite poets
  • Encouraging notes that threaten to bring tears to my eyes because of their sweetness
  • Stuff to make a bracelet out of (you’d be surprised how much fits in an envelop)
  • And several other things that shall remain known only to us.

It’s really been quite touching, and I’ve grown to look forward to receiving them. I’ve always been a big fan of letters and packages- and Gifts isn’t even my love language! Imagine how much you’ll be blessing your friend by sending a quick letter and bookmark!

It’s not that hard. It might take time, yes, but you’re stuck at home!

You have no excuse, my friend 😉

5. Quality Time

I see you trying to run away, introverts! Just hold your horses and at least let me get through to the end, ‘ey?

Some people may think that since quality time involves spending time (surprise) with people, it’s only a love language for introverts. You’d be surprised though.

I have several introverted friends (friends? yes I have those, they’re amazing) who’s love language is Time. Most of them are long distance, so I’ve had fun experimenting in “how can I make you feel loved (in a totally not creepy way) when I can’t run over to your house and sit on your couch for three hours?”

You’d be surprised at how easy it is. All it requires of you is a smidgen of time out of your already chill day, and a good attitude (no one likes to talk to someone who just wants to rant about how bored they are, ‘ey?).

Just calling someone could make their day. Do you realise how little we do this? Texting has become much more prevalent, but it doesn’t diminish the power of picking up a phone and calling.

Not only that, but we now have the ability to videocall, which is only one step away from being with the other person physically.

Since 80% of communication is nonverbal, I highly suggest you try out videocalling if you’re not already addicted. Though skeptical at first, I now have VC-ing ranked as one of my favourite things to do.

If you’re still a wary introvert, or an anti-social extrovert, consider throwing your own wants and desires aside for the sake of your friend. I assure you it’s not as bad as your imagination leads you to believe, and even I, who gets calls anxiety and literally starts shaking before every call, have come to thoroughly enjoy it.


Okay, I know we’ve all (probably) done those three point essays that require the proper conclusion and amplification at the end. We probably have also at one point in our life darkly glared at said system and declared we would never do it again after that paper- But let’s be real. We still have to use it.

*cue collective groaning*

However, instead of giving you an amplification/application of this post (ignore that the entire post is me telling you how to love your friend. . .) how about you tell me how you use this knowledge?

Oh, and while you’re at it, if you’d care to spend an extra 5 seconds typing up a comment, you could give me a prompt for next week 😉 No promising that I’ll use it, but if you have a prompt or idea (either fiction or nonfiction- Maybe even poetry), I might take it and run.

There. That’s conclusion enough.

13 If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned,[a] but have not love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

1 Corinthians 1:4-7 [ESV]

Non-Fiction: Loving From Home (part 1)

[Key Word: LOVE]

Before you get all nervous and annoyed about a romance post, allow me to quell your fears. This is not a romance post, or have anything to do with romantic love.

*shudders* Believe me, I am not the person for that.

No, this is actually focusing on something else: The Five Love Languages.

Perhaps you’ve heard of them before? Words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, etc. They five categories of ways people show love and receive love. They’re things that make a person feel special, or needed.

This isn’t simply putting a person in a box and not allowing them out of it. Rather, it’s a tool that those around them can use. People are hard to read and understand sometimes, and little tools like the Love Languages help us know how we can get along better. It also helps explain why certain people act the way they do, then get indignant when you don’t appreciate them.

In this post, I’m just going to briefly describe the Love Languages- But with a twist. Yeah, the five Love Languages are old news, and you probably think I’m old-fashioned. Well, hang on to your tea and hoodies because I’m not just telling you about them.

I want to explain how they’re useful in quarantine.

1. Words of Affirmation

Now while it may seem like this Love Language is simply asking for someone to constantly say things like- I love you, it’s not that simple. People who’s Love Language is Words of Affirmation, simply want to be constantly “affirmed”.

In other words- They want to be assured that they’re doing the right thing, and that they’re doing it well. Forget what you know about “actions speak louder than words”; for Words of Affirmation, one word is worth a thousand acts.

Even the simplest little compliment can make a person’s day. Just saying something about something they’ve done tells the person that A) You noticed and B) You cared enough to mention it.

It really is the little things that count.

But how can one use this knowledge of WoA during quarantine? It’s not like you can run over to your friend’s house and tell them- “Whoa, I love your dress! You look so pretty in it.” or “Way to clean your room! You’re really good at organising.”

However, you still have a phone, email, texting system, social media, and the ability to write letters. So maybe contact your friend virtually with a- “Don’t forget how beautiful you are!” or “I’m so inspired by how you’ve been coping with quarantine.”

It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a little something to remind them that they matter.

But you don’t have to just do virtual communication.

Look around you! Your family, your roommates, your pets– they all matter, don’t they? Take a couple seconds to compliment after a meal, or to comment about something another person does.

You’ll be surprised at how positively they react.

Try it.

2. Acts of Service

For this kind of person, actions do indeed speak louder than words. This person can be hard to please, because it’s likely that they’ll never verbally affirm your service, nor will they seem to notice.

A mature and properly healthy Acts of Service person will smile and comment on your work, at the most. But most will just acknowledge your work and move on. . .or so it seems. Keep an eye out, because they’re probably plotting an act of service to throw back at you!

After all, a Love Language isn’t just a way you receive love, it’s also how you give it. This is helpful in deciding how to show love to others, because all you have to do is see what they do to show others they matter. Takes a little bit of silent observation, but once you’ve figured it out you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to boost a person’s mood via Love Language strategies.

For people who are AoS, it might take a little bit more time and effort to show love to them than it would for WoA. After all, you’re taking time out of your day to serve them.

What does this look like?

Perhaps it’s making a meal for someone, helping them clean their room, asking if you can be of assistance, doing chores around the place without being asked- The possibilities are endless.

However, it’s a little harder to do things for others when you’re stuck at home. But you can be creative.

Maybe you can help your friend with an essay via Google Docs. Or maybe you can make a supper and drop it off at your friend’s house (Disclaimer: I’m not supporting going out and about and spreading stuff, this is just something that’s been done for my family and was highly appreciated). Maybe you can sit down and help your friend talk through a problem.

I believe in your creativity.

3. Physical Touch

Okay, this is actually my least favourite Love Language, but several of the people around me are very much PT people.

With physical people, this is really easy to do. Just give a hug or a pat on the back. No joke- It’s that easy. This is probably one of the easiest in theory, but for me personally it’s hard in practice. I’m not a big fan of touch.

At all.

But how about with quarantine?

Well, there are probably still people around you who are in dire need of a hug (so stop reading this boring post and go hug them *winks*). It doesn’t take much effort to jump out of the chair once a day and hug a person (yes, I’m kind of talking to myself right now. . .trying to get up and actually do it). Maybe hugs really aren’t your thing though- There’s always a good ol’ pat on the back, or side hug (though this may be awkward, depending on the person).

With people outside the house though. . .I haven’t come up with a solid solution yet. What are your thoughts?

After all, we have that 6′ apart rule (which this introvert has gladly made 12 feet. . .), and we should respect the rules and regulations. Hm. . .

Well, that’s all I’m covering today. Next week/Next post I’ll either cover the last two love languages, or do a fiction post. We’ll see.

What’s your love language? What love language is easiest for you to do for others? What creative ways have you found to show love and appreciation during quarantine?


[special post]

Though the night seems long, the sun will rise.

The darkness seems overpowering, but a simple flashlight will cut it down.

Pain and fear feel like they’re overpowering, but a loving word or kind action can dispel either of them.

No matter one’s religion, everything is based off HOPE.

HOPE that one day all will be better. HOPE that there’s something more to this life than living and dying. HOPE that there’s an answer to the pain and suffering. HOPE.

I personally am a Christian. Bought and saved by the blood of my LORD Jesus, who offered Himself as the lamb for my sins. I live in the HOPE of eternal life with my Saviour.

Most people, when asked to do something for a stranger would hesitate, or at least need a *good* reason to do it. Oftentimes, they’ll even complain about it, or at least express their displeasure in some way. I’m no exception.

But Jesus in His loving kindness DIED for YOU and ME. What was in it for Him? A mortifying and horrifying death of what was, back then, the highest form of torture and humiliation.

All because of one thing.


LOVE for the broken. LOVE for the poor. LOVE for the unloved. LOVE for the lost. LOVE for you and LOVE for me.

We hear that a lot, but how often do we sit and just think about it?

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you.

But most importantly- Jesus. Loves. YOU.

Because of His life, we have LOVE. Because of His death, we have HOPE, Because of His resurrection, we have ASSURANCE.

Though the night seems long, the Son will rise.

The Darkness seems overpowering, but a single Light will vanquish the foe.

Pain and Fear feel like they’re overpowering, but LOVE conquers all.

Happy Resurrection day, my friends.

He. Is. RISEN.

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Hello there!

Today I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. Instead of a supposedly inspirational or thought-provoking post of my own words, I’m going to share a couple quotes from missionaries I either admire and respect.

Let’s dive into it!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.

Jim Elliot

Jim Elliot was a phenomenal missionary in South America. He was martyred while on mission to the Huaorani people of Ecuador in the mid 1900s. While some people say one thing and mean another, Elliot lived his words out.

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael was a missionary who moved from Glasgow, England, to the heart of India, where she ministered to orphans and women. She often did the jobs of a servant, earning the reputation of “never asking another to do what she wouldn’t do herself”. She gave her life to the people she was called to, mimicking Christ’s selfless and unconditional love.

There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has suffered before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after.

Adonirom Judson

A missionary to Burma (later known as Myanmar), Adonirom Judson was persecuted for sharing his faith with the nationals. He spent years in prison, missing the birth of his daughter, and the completion of the Bible’s translation. His wife, Ann, didn’t desert him in his time of need, but rather sacrificed with him- Often waiting hours outside the prison in the hopes to visit him.

Oh God, here’s my Bible, Here’s my money. Here’s me. Use me, God.

Gladys Alyward

Oh, that we might have the same dedication and devotion as Gladys Alyward did when God called her to China. Her trust and faith in God, despite mountains that seemed to stand in her way are a lesson of perseverance for us. In her lifetime, she housed hundreds of orphans and ministered to countless nationals.

Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. God’s love is still working. He comes in and takes the calamity and uses it victoriously, working out His wonderful plan of love.

Eric Liddell

Eric Liddell never thought he would become a missionary to China. He was on his way to being a top Olympian, and even participated in the games once. When he heard God’s call to China though, he didn’t hesitate. He managed to touch lives in the foreign land, even up until his death in a Japanese prison.

These men and women dedicated their lives for something they believed. For Someone they believed in. Would you do the same?

As Christians, we’re called to go into all the world. It’s called the Great Commission.

 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20 [ESV]

What are you going to do about it?