About Key Word

What started out as a rather organised system of fiction and non-fiction has slowly morphed into the blog you’re now on.

Key Word is a place I drop all my thinky-thoughts that would pass for deep in my head, but then again I’m not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Occasionally a flash-fiction or snippet from a story I’m writing will find it’s way to a post, but those are rare moments.

I like taking abstract thoughts and figuring out the different opinions and angles, and love talking about them. Unfortunately, talking can be a problem sometimes (English is so particular), so writing has become a wonderful medium in the exchange of thoughts.

About Me

I’m a teenage writer who spends way too much time lost in her mind.

Besides writing, I love dark chocolate, photography (Canon Rebel T7i, anyone?), rainy days, tea, and listening to music.

My favourite authors are probably Rick Rhiordan, John Flanagan, Roland Smith, Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery. I also like non-fiction books, but I’m not so great at remembering the authors.

I’m a proud homeschooler and have been my entire life.

I love studying languages, computer coding (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), MBTI, and on the occasion, Enneagram.

If you’d like to get to know me more, or just chat or comment about my writing, feel free to contact me! I’d enjoy getting to know you (:


To find out more about me as a person and writer, check out my soon to be updated author website:


In addition to writing on my own and blogging, I used to be a writer (2019 – 2020) for the Oh Beloved One magazine:


[Join me as I unlock a myriad of words and concepts from various angles]