The Three F’s

Okay, I get it. In a season of “What are you grateful for?” the answer of “friends, family, and food” is easy to spew out. Since most things fit under those categories, it’s pretty nice to use when you want people to quit bothering you about it.

Do you actually think about the question though? What does thankfulness really mean to you? Is it just naming things you’re priviledged to have?

I have a theory that the less a person has, the more they have to be grateful for. Why? Because what you lack in material things, you gain in other ways.

Lacking a permanent house? It makes family and home so much more important.

Having an autoimmune disease that doesn’t allow you to eat certain foods? Suddenly all the food you can eat gets a lot more appetizing.

I think if we can turn our thoughts of “I don’t have this. Sadness.” to “Because I don’t have this, it makes me grateful for [whatever it is that I ought to be grateful for]”, we’d be a lot happier on a whole.

Not to say I’m perfect. Goodness knows I’ve done my fair share of complaining (ask anyone. . . I literally complained to my mom this morning about taking vitamins instead of being grateful that I had the means to obtain them in the first place.)

Next time you’re approached with the question of “What are you thankful for?”, whether it’s a person asking or a sign at a store, see if you can’t change the complaint of the day to the gratefulness starter of the day.

And you can start with being grateful that this post is short enough for you to go on about your day with minimal interruption *winks*


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