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Though the night seems long, the sun will rise.

The darkness seems overpowering, but a simple flashlight will cut it down.

Pain and fear feel like they’re overpowering, but a loving word or kind action can dispel either of them.

No matter one’s religion, everything is based off HOPE.

HOPE that one day all will be better. HOPE that there’s something more to this life than living and dying. HOPE that there’s an answer to the pain and suffering. HOPE.

I personally am a Christian. Bought and saved by the blood of my LORD Jesus, who offered Himself as the lamb for my sins. I live in the HOPE of eternal life with my Saviour.

Most people, when asked to do something for a stranger would hesitate, or at least need a *good* reason to do it. Oftentimes, they’ll even complain about it, or at least express their displeasure in some way. I’m no exception.

But Jesus in His loving kindness DIED for YOU and ME. What was in it for Him? A mortifying and horrifying death of what was, back then, the highest form of torture and humiliation.

All because of one thing.


LOVE for the broken. LOVE for the poor. LOVE for the unloved. LOVE for the lost. LOVE for you and LOVE for me.

We hear that a lot, but how often do we sit and just think about it?

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you.

Jesus loves you.

But most importantly- Jesus. Loves. YOU.

Because of His life, we have LOVE. Because of His death, we have HOPE, Because of His resurrection, we have ASSURANCE.

Though the night seems long, the Son will rise.

The Darkness seems overpowering, but a single Light will vanquish the foe.

Pain and Fear feel like they’re overpowering, but LOVE conquers all.

Happy Resurrection day, my friends.

He. Is. RISEN.

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