Rocky Limits

Recently, I’ve gotten back into indoor rock climbing. (No, I’m not going to bore you or make you cringe with the “climbing to new heights” analogy *cringes*)

I want to talk about comfort zones though. The first few times I went climbing this year, I climbed cautiously. Nothing wrong with this, but Saturday when I went climbing, I realised where I’d gone wrong.

There’s a difference between cautious and safe.

Cautious was when I was climbing with the intent to not get callouses or blisters (a futile thing to attempt, as any climber will tell you). Safe was when I was climbing to the point where my hands hurt but didn’t hurt enough to affect my drive home.

The first few times I climbed, I stayed around the same level and attempted the same routes several times because I was comfortable with them. I balked at hard boulders and didn’t even look at the levels above me.

But like. Here’s the deal- You don’t challenge yourself, you don’t progress. Not exactly rocket science, but quite frankly it takes several times of hearing it for it to sink in.

On Saturday, I’d spent the whole week hyping myself up for the session and decided to challenge myself.

I did several things that night.

I got blisters (they really aren’t that bad after the first 24 hours, especially if you stop before they pop.)

I top roped a level higher than the previous session (first try too.)

AND. Most importantly- I bouldered a route set at a 45 or so degree angle. Like- It was slanted to where you’re basically climbing the ceiling. Wild.

This isn’t to give myself a shoutout about my climbing (I’m specifically not saying the level because it’s embarrassingly low, and Saturday was the only climb I was honestly proud of), but rather because it taught me something interesting.


(or enemies, if you want to be legalistic about it)

It’s almost the end of 2020. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to actively grow while sitting around in quarantine or while social distancing, but there’s still little things. Learning patience when *that* sibling decides to ask you for the upteenth time to go play with them while you’re trying to finish up a paper. Learning peace when you’re listening to an argument between your roommates. Learning joy when you get shoved at the grocery store while reaching for the last piece of gold- Erhm, I mean toilet paper.

For most of us, it’s so much easier to lock ourselves up in our rooms with our phones than it is to go out and interact with family members when everyone’s in a bad mood. But you won’t grow that way.

When I went climbing on Saturday, I didn’t climb recklessly. I knew my limits, and I tried to push them a bit. Instead of pushing my comfort zone, I pushed my limit.

You are more capable than you think. So be confident, not reckless.

You still have almost a month left of December. Make it count.

And pray forgive this very random and splattered post *apologises*

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