Guest Post: Slow Down

hi key worders! (angela this is the new name for your readers, fight me.) i’m garrett from and somehow i’ve been allowed to post on angela’s blog. i’m pretty rambly and long-winded so just a warning…anyway here’s the post.

sometimes we get caught up in trying to be older. i’m guilty of this myself, trying to be an independent adult when i’m just a teenager who should be enjoying his summer.

sometimes we get caught up in trying to be better. i try to constantly improve myself, for various reasons, when I should realize that I can’t be perfect.

sometimes we get caught up in the minutiae. we focus on the wrong things instead of the good. this year has been hard, sure, but is it terrible? no.

we only live once, guys. let’s make the most of the time we’ve got. there isn’t time to be sad or hold grudges. be happy, be nice to everyone when you can, and live life. make it happen, don’t just sit back and wait.

i realize i sound like a vague motivational speaker, but i can’t be specific to your situation or your life.

try and move your focus, basically. if that’s all you take away from my words, take that. is my life perfect? no way. i will freely admit that it’s not amazing, but i try really hard to enjoy it as much as i can. for me, that’s music. my summer playlist immediately hypes me up and is just full of happy, infectiously joyous songs. when i’m at work, i’m almost always humming or dancing to whatever music we have playing in the store. (plus the store’s bright and full of candy so that’s just a little helpful, feel me?)

i’m pretty ambitious, and it’s pretty hard for me to just stay in the moment. my every move has a purpose, a point, and i’m always working toward a goal. my beach walks are almost always just for photography, and swimming at the pool is solely a workout. sure, i enjoy those things, but i have to remind myself that i don’t need to be perfect at something to enjoy it.

so that’s why i’m here, sharing my experience and my thoughts. hopefully this helped you, touched you, somehow and in some small way.

love, garrett

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Slow Down

  1. Great thoughts, Garrett! This is what I needed to hear this week. I find it easy to do “good” things that feel productive but that have no purpose. I’ll research things I don’t need to know and spend valuable time doing little things that barely pay off. If only a focused and productive life didn’t take so much effort 😛

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