When I was younger, I used to have nights where I would literally blink, and somehow it would be the next day.

Those nights were weird because I’d either be super refreshed with absolutely no reason (which was nice because then I could bounce outta bed and get going), or I’d be exhausted because it felt like I didn’t get any sleep at all. [Side Note: Apparently if you dream, you got REM sleep which means you had a deeper sleep and thus should be more refreshed. I would argue that I’m an exception to that rule. . .]

Needless to say- Those kind of nights really make one think about how she’s blinking her life away.

This past weekend’s been amazing. An “old friend” came to visit me from out of state. Even though I hadn’t seen her in well over 4 years, we struck up conversation immediately and only paused when we needed to breathe (which I’ve learned from experience is a generally good practice to indulge in) or sleep (also an underrated practice). I shan’t go on a glowing rant about it, but suffice to say- It. Was. EPIC.

However, I noticed that it went awfully fast. Sure, it may have seemed slow at times (when you’re on the third hour of sorting out the Dutch Blitz cards you start to wonder why you’ve lost feeling in your wrists and hands), but it on a whole went fast.

Same thing with summer, honestly. I had my fair share of flopping around and informing the general household of my intense case of boredom, and I had a great time doing not-school. Needless to say, it’s passed fairly fast. I mean. Just look at the date! *still hasn’t changed the calendar from July to August, but y’know*

How much of that time was intentional time spent with people you love or doing things you love? How much of this summer are you gonna remember?

Forget summer- How much of your life are you gonna remember? How much are you gonna want to remember?

Sure, maybe you don’t wanna be stuck with your little sibling in the back of the car on a roadtrip across the country. But like it or not you are STUCK in the back seat. So you can either A) Steel your teeth and nerves and force yourself to survive (may the odds be ever in your favour) or B) Resign yourself, have a good attitude, and take the opportunity for sibling bonding (because school/work/lyfe is around the corner, and Free Time is good at hiding).

Basically- If you gotta go through something, why go in with a mentality of “just surviving”, when you know deep down that you can thrive if you just give yourself permission?

You’re stronger than you think.

Don’t let Lyfe pass with a blink of the eye, when you can at least control the memories you can take from it. Memories are like a mental photograph, but something deeper than a simple selfie.

I assure you I had planned for this to be a cohesive and coherent post, but alas. My brain did not attend the meeting where said adjectives were decided on and set in motion.

Carpe diem.

*wanders away*


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