I’m Boredddd

Have you ever been around a young child? Odds are you’ll hear “I’m bored” several times in the span of thirty-minutes. After all, a child’s attention span rivals that of a goldfish.

Honestly, that’s not just a little kid thing though. Teens especially get bored. Happens a lot around this time, right? School’s not too far off, but it’s far enough away for summer break to have lost it’s excitement of nothingness.

With high-speed internet and something always happening on social media, we’re used to being entertained 24/7. So when there’s suddenly down time, whether it’s because you forgot to charge your phone, or it’s because you’re being forced to wait in line at the ice cream shop, our first thought is- I’m bored.

Sure, we can stare at a wall and think up thoughts, but that only lasts a few minutes. Goodness, if we have to wait for WiFi to reboot for longer than 5 minutes we get bored!

A friend of mine recently sent a screenshot to a group chat of a book she’s reading. It basically said- Teens take boredom for granted.


Excuse me?

Boredom is a blessing?

Well, believe it or not, with the right perspective (*winks*) it is. Why? Because it means we have time on our hands, even if it’s just mental time.

Think back less than a hundred years ago, when teens our age were getting jobs, getting married, going to college early- All the things. They couldn’t afford to be bored. They had to support their families and get an education.

We, on the other hand, can afford to work at boring jobs that allow us time to think. We can afford sleeping in until late morning. We can afford to sit around the house all day doing nothing but whimpering “I’m bored”. . .*totallyhasn’tdonethis*.

It’s all about perspective.

But since we’re on the topic of bored, I might as well add that in order to be bored it means one has an excess of time on one’s hands. Or in one’s head, if you’d like to get legalistic *grinz*.

Now, if you’d like to continue to take the blessing of boredom and flop around all day, then by all means- Have at it! You only get summers as a kid, right?

However, if you wanna make your boredom count, and make something of the blessing, try changing the “I’m bored” time to the “I feel alive” time.

Do something fun but productive with your summer break and your free time in general. Find a new hobby and research it. Call some friends and be bored together and laugh together while chatting. Memorise some Scripture verses, learn a new skill.

(and, I mean, we’re all stuck in quarantine, so why don’t you try out your skills in the kitchen? Maybe you’ll become the next 5-star home cook. . .and well, if not, you can always eat the products of your labour. . .)

This post went all over the place, but essentially- Boredom is a blessing, don’t waste it.

Cheerio 😉

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