ISTJ. . .xyz (Part One)

The basics behind the letters. . .no, it’s not just an alphabet soup

[DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a MBTI or psychology expert; all opinions and thoughts in this post are nothing more than what was just stated; I do not consider myself an expert, I simply have researched to the extent that I feel is necessary to go before sharing information with others; due to the length (short) of this and the following post, I’m unable to explain everything in detail]

You’ve probably heard about MBTI (Myers-Briggs theory). It’s been tossed around with the Enneagram, and there are plenty of memes and YouTube skits about the various stereotypes of both (let me know if you want an in-depth Enneagram post *winks*).

However, unless you’ve become obsessed with it and researched it in depth (*coughs* totally not me *cough*) odds are you’ve succumbed to what any self-respecting MBTI nerd would run away from- Stereotypes. It’s easy to run everything you know about MBTI off of various stereotypes, and, to be fair, a lot of them are fairly accurate.

To understand MBTI to the fullest, however, one must get past stereotypes and dive into the good stuf.


Cognitive Functions.

*rubs hands together and cackles*

(raccoon meme, anyone?)

Yes, MBTI is simply explained in a 4 letter phrase. No, that is not all there is to it.

If you’ve ever studied or had anything to do with MBTI, you’ve probably been referred to (warning to all MBTI nerds: Cringe alert) I am no expert, and I certainly do not want to heap distaste on a well-known site, but. . .yeah, I won’t heap my bucket of loathing on it.

Just know and accept that I don’t like it.

And neither does anyone who studies MBTI.

Anywho. Moving on-

This means you’re probably familiar with the whole: E/I – N/S – F/T – J/P, code system. It’s pretty simple, right? Well. What you might not know is that-

EVERYONE has N (intuition), S (sensing), F (feeling), and T (thinking)The J/P (judging, which has nothing to do with being judgemental/perceiving, which doesn’t mean you’re supernatural) represent which function is first- The judging function (S/N) or the perceiving function (F/T).

Also, I have to get this out of my system, so I sort of apologise for the formatting:




*nods* Thank you. I needed that little vent.

Introvert means you are generally more refreshed after being alone, extrovert means you’re generally more refreshed after being with people. Just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean I have social anxiety and don’t enjoy people.

Yes, it means I’ve been thriving in quarantine and would do perfectly fine in online classes with minimal socialisation. However, I’m still human as far as enjoying the occasional conversation with a friend or other simple social activities.

(to those of you who care, I’m ISTJ. . .*glances at the post title*. . .I know, you never would have guess, right?)

Remember how the J/P stands for which of the four functions (N/S/F/T) go first? Well the E/I explains whether the first function is introverted (which generally means more internally focused) or extroverted (which, being the opposite, naturally means more externally focused).

And that, my friends, is the foundation of Cognitive Functions. It’s kind of like SparkNotes on CF, actually.

I’ll be going more in depth on the specifics of each function, including examples and such along the way, in my next post- Provided I don’t get crushed by either school or other things that come along with that thing called “Lyfe”.

I personally really like studying MBTI, even though it’s been a minute since I last did some serious research on it. If you’re looking for good places to check out before I post the next part of this, you might want to check out one of these places:

There was another site I wanted to link, but I can’t find it. . .oh well.


[If you’d like to see future posts on things like Enneagram, or MBTI stereotypes, or just about anything, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it to my dwindling list of blog post ideas]


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