Non-Fiction: Trust- A Must

[Key Word: FALL]

You think you got this. Your hand grips the rock firmly, and you look around for another foothold.

You’re going to conquer this climb.

You reach higher and pull yourself up several inches. Your left leg dangles, and you hastily search for a hold. Unfortunately you don’t “got this”.

Your foot slips.

A replay of just ten minutes earlier flashes through your brain. Your refusal of allowing your buddy to belay you is haunting your mind, and you realise your mistake as you plummet down to the mat.

You should have trusted your friend.

The consequences for falling off a rock face to a mat on the ground, are far less than those of falling off a sheer cliff to jagged rocks below. The worst you can do when landing on your feet is probably roll your ankle. On a cliff, however, you’ll probably be blasted to smithereens (you shall be remembered).

Same with life. 

If you fall in small things, like schoolwork, sports, *actual* work, or minor areas, your consequences will be fairly small. They may not seem small, but they’re nothing that you can’t get through. We have friends and family members to “belay” us while we go up the cliff of physical life.

But there comes a point where the rope isn’t long enough for us to reach any higher. What then? Do we give up, yell “take!” and sit back as we’re lowered back down to rock bottom?

I mean, you might, but I personally enjoy that satisfying feeling of reaching the top.

This is where God steps in even more. He’s been there all along, helping you find each handhold and holding you up when you needed a break. But now He’s even more prominent. You have nowhere else to look.

Unfortunately, this is where most people turn to God- When there’s nowhere else to look. He doesn’t want to be used as a “last resort”, He wants to be your anchorman and guide from day one, holding you steady and calling out a route.

He wants to be the one to catch you when you fall.

I can basically promise you that people will fail you, and people will drop you. It’s just the way of things, though I wish I could change it. People are only human.

But God’s not.

He’ll hold you up if you let Him. No one is easily clipped into a harness against their will. God doesn’t want to force it on you, but take it from me- You want that harness when you’re dangling above jagged rocks.

So clip your harness to the rope, and rest in Him.

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