Fiction: The Void


Screams fill my head as I gasp for breath.

Wave after wave crashes over me, and I struggle to stay afloat. The words grabb at my shoulders and tear me down, trying to drag me into the endless void of darkness and utter hopelessness.

Struggling to stay on top, I yell and scream into the darkness, fighting with all my might. Never will I succumb.

But it’s so easy.

The whisper of a lie feeds into my mind, and I feel my arms and legs weaken as I try to stay on top. More words and insults bear down on me, and I can barely breathe as I struggle to keep away from the void.

It sucks me towards it, and I flail hopelessly. I’m losing grip and allowing the words to defeat me. Everything negative anyone has ever said about me today feeds the void.

The strength of its pull strengthens and continues to pull. Its persistence refuses to let up, even after what seems an eternity. The pain and weight of the words just pulls me down.

I’m sinking.

The void of depression pulls me deeper, and my eyes are blinded from the light of Hope. I can barely breathe, much less look.

No matter how hard I try, my searching comes up with nothing. Screams that fill my head blind my vision to the light. I can’t see the hands of hope offered to me.

This is why I don’t let myself get caught in my head.

Everything is dark in there.

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