Poetry: Searching


Note: This is one of my first Spoken Word Poems, so I understand it’s not particularly inspiring or clear. I hope to get better in this genre (and as you can see- there’s lots of room for improvement!). Thanks for bearing with me through this rough draft.

What is Spoken Word Poetry? SWP is a poetic performance that uses such tools as metaphors, rhyme, alliteration, intonation and much more to create an aesthetic verbal performance.

There I was- 

Lost and alone.

I was alone in the dark just searching the woods for something



I’m not sure how I got there or how I’ll get out, I just know I’m here right now.

I don’t have a light, a lamp, or a candle. I don’t have my phone, or a laptop, or tablet. I have nothing, and I’m searching for something.

There I was-

Alone and misled.

I was searching the physical world for something that I needed



I was looking for something to fill the empty dark void of my soul. The space left unfilled and hungry. My heart ached after something I didn’t know of and didn’t have.

I don’t know what I’m looking for. I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know why I’m searching

I just am.

There I was-

Misled and lost.

I was following the paths of those before me who’d trekked these woods



lost in the dark.

I was listening to the whispers and lies of the world that told me I’d find everything I needed if I just looked. The lies that said the world could fulfill me and fill up the void in my soul left searching and hungry.

The darkness and emptiness haunted me as I searched, and I looked for the something to fill me. It plagued my thoughts by day and by night, my hours awake and my hours asleep. Never did they think that I needed a rest, that I needed a break, from the constancy of it’s attention.

There I was-

Lost and broken.

I was searching for something more that hadn’t been shown me by the mortals of the earth something



I was waiting for someone to come into my life and tell me the Truth and give me a Light to guide my way to find both of those. I was searching for a Guide to show me what it was I was missing. I was looking for something to tell me what my soul lacked to fill its void.

Never did I realise in a thousand years that You were standing right in front of me, trying to get my attention as I stumbled blindly through the forest of Life and sought after the substance to fill me. I didn’t realise that all this time You were waiting to help me and fill my soul and give me peace.

There I was-

Adopted by the King.

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