Non-Fiction: Succumb or Succeed


A camera’s focus makes all the difference in a picture.

The foreground, the background- It determines the subject and the cast. Changing the focus lense just slightly, or even changing to a different lense, can cast an image into a whole new light. Every little aspect of the camera affects the end result.

Not only does the focus matter, but the angle and perspective matters. It’s up to the photographer to pick his or her perspective through which he views the subject. They can make a child seem carefree or sad. It all depends on the perspective they’re trying to portray.

Everyone has a perspective and view on life that affects how they act. Most of these views and perspectives reflect those of society.

The teen years are a negative time in one’s life

This is possibly the most prevalent and relevant view people share. People think teenagers are lazy people who sleep in ‘til noon and constantly complain about working and school, while making everyone else serve them. Why do people think this?

Because we, my dear friends, have succumbed to this concept and embraced it.

So here’s a mindblowing thought for you

What if I told you that you don’t have to be the “social norm”?

That’s right. Just because society has labeled us as rebels and lazy and potatoes, doesn’t mean we have to be any of those! (unless, of course, you love french fries- Then be my guest. . .just be a hardworking french fry, ‘ey?)

I’m not talking about massive differences or changes. Believe me, I understand being tired and busy and feeling lazy. However, did you know that a majority of that is just a mindset and perspective issue?

Try avoiding the words “Tired” or “Busy” or “Stressed” when someone asks how you’re doing. You’ll be surprised at what a difference that makes. Just figuring out a positive mindset is revolutionary.

Your perspective on life will change.

The teen years are a waste of time

Why do people think this? Probably because lots of us spend our days eating food, doing homework, hanging with friends, chilling online, or in general- Wasting our lives away.

We feel like we have eternity ahead of us on this earth.

But should we spend our time lying around and wasting away until college? I believe we can do so much in our teen years. Anything from getting a job that pays for college, to helping minister to those less fortunate than us.

Cherish the time you have now when you have fewer responsibilities and make it your goal to do as much as you can in the few years of this that you have.

Change your perspective, and it will change your world.

What about non-teens?

Of course, faulted stereotypes don’t just circle around teenagers. There are plenty that focus on adults and children.

But the big question is-

Are you going to let them shape you?

Will you succumb to *the norm* or will you take matters into your own hands and *succeed*?

Will you let Christ shape you as an unblemished bit of clay or as a dirtied substance filled with worldly stereotypes?

6 thoughts on “Non-Fiction: Succumb or Succeed

  1. This was awesome!! Thank you for writing it!

    I saw you blog featured on the blog tour stop Inkwell (by Lisa). I love the concept behind your blog, and I’ll be looking forwards to reading more of your posts!


  2. This was such a touching post, Angela, and spoke straight to my heart – as a teen suffering from anxiety and depression it’s so easy to feel all alone and not good enough especially in our culture, but when I can change my perspective and look on the bright side I KNOW I am not alone, God is with me and so are those who care about me.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post!


    1. Wow, I’m glad it hit home!

      And yes. You are certainly never alone. Everyone else struggles too. And God is always there, 24/7- 365 days a year 😉

      My pleasure (:

      Liked by 1 person

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