Fiction: Burned

[Key Word: ROASTED]

Smoke billowed- bringing tears to my eyes.

Hastily I brushed them aside, and continued the monotonous job. I saw him glance over at me, and I prayed the darkness would hide my face.

How long would I be able to keep it on? The mask- How much longer ‘til it slipped?

Another flame jumped into the night sky, and I inadvertently jumped back.


Just like everything else in my life.

“Hey, you okay?“

I started again. His voice was gentle and kind, yet I found my hands shaking.

How was I to answer? The words ‘I’m good‘ failed to pass through my lips, and I felt myself compelled to tell the truth.

With a tear sliding down my face, I replied, “I’m dying.“

The silence wasn’t broken until my roasted marshmallow slipped into the fire and burned. Just like my mask.

Slipped off and burned.

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